Signs & Graphics Are Your Identity



The manner in which a business presents itself to the public and identifies its location and products can be crucial to its success. It has been said that no one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Because of this, signs communicate far more than the words upon them. What Signs really communicate and what they really provide for both their users and their viewers, is a perception of the businesses they identify. In other words, for good or bad, SIGNS COMMUNICATE!

In terms of pure cost effectiveness, signs provide remarkable value! When signage is properly evaluated as part of an overall advertising media mix, business signs consistently deliver more market coverage for a lower cost than any other form of advertising — by a wide margin. With Signage, as with many other business investments, initial cost may not reflect long term value. A Sign can effectively communicate and motivate for many years, (unlike radio or newspaper) making its REAL VALUE virtually priceless.

The difference between success or failure, growth or stagnation, profit or loss, is frequently the result of careful attention to small detail. It is for this reason that business firms, particularly, must take advantage of even the slightest competitive edge. In our highly mobile, travel oriented society, SIGNS PROVIDE THAT EDGE!!

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